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Blue School 5th Graders, Spring 2020

Teacher: Carrie Klein, Librarian: Laura Winnick

Zine Construction


  • photos of hands folding a zine and the folded zineName, date, location, and use statement
  • Leave a 1/4" margin around your pages
  • Remember your zine will be copied or scanned, so light text and images may not reproduce well
  • You do you


  • What is one thing a kid can do to make social change? 
  • What is it like to be you? 
  • What is a subject you know a lot about?


Essay * Poem * Review * Drawing * Collage * Personality Quiz * Crossword Puzzle * Playlist * Top Ten List * Likes/Dislikes * How To * Comic * Rant * Blank Space * Art * Handwriting * Typewriting * Design Software * Stick Figures