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Barnard Design Center: Resource Guide

Here, you'll find a list of suggested retailers, materials, software, and more that work with tools in the Design Center.

Where To Search

We totally get it -- you're busy, and sometimes creating your own 3D model or .dxf file takes time you just don't have. Here are some of our favorite sites and resources that offer files you can download outright:

Laser Cutting:

  • One of the most requested things students often ask to do is design a box. Sounds simple, but it can be difficult to figure out joints and dimensions that fit your needs! Makercase allows you to input dimensions and customize how you want your box made, and then it spits out a .dxf file for you to use on a laser cutter.

3D Printing:

There's no shortage of 3D model file websites out there. Here are a couple of the more popular options: