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Barnard Design Center: Resource Guide

Here, you'll find a list of suggested retailers, materials, software, and more that work with tools in the Design Center.


When cutting vinyl stickers or vinyl stencils in our space, you need a few bits of material, depending on the project type. For vinyl cutting, you'll need:

  • Vinyl sheets

For screen printing, you'll need:

  • Material (canvas, paper, fabric, etc.)
  • Fabric ink or paint (depending on which material you're screen printing onto).
  • Vinyl (to create the stencil for your screen print).

Please note: your vinyl sheets should not exceed 12x12 inches; you can always cut them down, but it makes sense to buy the right measurement of material up front. And if you're interested in purchasing materials, check out the "Textiles and Sewing" portion of this guide.

Vinyl Cutting Supplies

Screen Printing & Fabric Ink

We currently have five (5) 160 screens for fabric, and one (1) 230 screen for paper.