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Toot Ya Later, Elon: Introduction to Mastodon

Introduction to Mastodon for BLAIS staff, August 2023, by Jenna Freedman


collage of a clip art mastodon looking at Elon Musk in a tux, who appears nervousMastodon

is a social media alternative to X (Twitter), which, ICYMI is more of a garbage fire every day

This introduction will go over things like

  • instances
  • view
  • toots
  • alt text
  • private messages
  • hashtags
  • feeds

but not

  • the fediverse is like email
  • details about the fediverse in general


  • moderation and free speech absolutism
  • intro to Bluesky, if there's time


screenshot of a chart that compares Twitter, Bluesky, Threads, and Mastodon from