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Film Studies

This guide is intended to support research for film and media studies

Box Office Data

In Newspapers and Magazines

The major newspapers also publish(ed) weekly chart for box office information. Usually on Mondays, you will find a short box office list. Then on Tuesdays, you will find a longer list usually located in the Arts/Entertainment/People sections of the papers.

In Databases


Empirical Reasoning Center (ERC)

Located on the first floor of the Milstein Center for Teaching & Learning in room 102, the Empirical Reasoning Center (ERC) is available for the Barnard/Columbia community as a resources for working with data and statistics. During the semester, the ERC offers walk-in hours. Appointments can be set up by emailing the ERC.

Empirical reasoning is the process of thinking critically about organizing, analyzing, and visualizing qualitative, quantitative, and/or geospatial data.

The ERC provides:

  • Training and Technical Assistance
    • The ERC offers training for statistical analysis, textual analysis, and geographical information systems software. We support both Macs and PCs. 
  • Individual Guidance
    • The ERC can help individuals through each step of the research process from basic research design and formulating a hypothesis to data analysis and visualization to interpreting and presenting results. 
  • Workshops
    • Some for general use of software, some are tailored specifically for classes held at Barnard. Upcoming and past workshops can be viewed at the ERC site.
  • Software tutorials
    • Freely available online. Software is available on all Barnard Library computers.


Information on this page courtesy the ERC website.