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HIST 3870: Gender & Migration, a Global Perspective

Prof. José Moya, Fall 2020

Finding Primary Sources Online

If using CLIO to find primary sources, make sure to include a date limit for the time period you are studying. Also, you could use the Subject (Genre) facet to narrow down to the kind of source you are looking for. Some examples:

  • archives
  • correspondence
  • diaries
  • interviews
  • narratives
  • memoirs
  • sources

An example search: (wom*n OR female) AND refugee AND memoir.

You can also search for primary sources in a number of databases. A few relevant ones are listed in the box below.

For more information on finding and using primary sources, check out our guide on archival research



Newspapers can be a great source of contemporaneous opinion on a topic. In addition to the databases listed below, check out other databases that contain news sources, and use the filters on the left hand side to find ones from the time and place you need.

News Databases

Primary Source Databases