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ECON 3013: Economic History of the United States

Prof. David Weiman, Spring 2020

Searching the Library Catalog for Primary Sources

Use the Catalog search to find primary sources (qualitative or quantitative) by adding one of the following potentially helpful keywords to your search, or look for them in your search results:

  • advertisements
  • annual reports
  • archives
  • bibliographies
  • catalogs (trade)
  • contracts
  • correspondence
  • deeds
  • diaries
  • directories
  • documents
  • financial documents and records
  • interviews
  • invoices
  • government documents
  • lists
  • maps
  • memoirs
  • minutes
  • narratives
  • newspapers
  • pamphlets
  • photographs
  • sources - this can be a particularly helpful!
  • tax returns

You can also try to search for documents created by a company, association, etc. by searching for the organization in the Author field.