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NSOP with Barnard Library & Academic Information Services (BLAIS)

Welcome, new students! This is a guide to activities and readings to introduce you to BLAIS.

Movement Lab x NSOP

Welcome to Barnard! We’d love to meet you in person, but since we cannot (yet) shake hands, create your own introductory movement and tag us on Instagram @movementlabbarnard so we can get to know you! We will post them on our website.

Information about the Movement Lab

The Movement Lab is a flexible modular space for movement research, exploration, production, collaboration, and interdisciplinary interaction. The Lab’s trans-media function serves to enhance critical thinking and learning through body and brain connection as it seeks to explore emerging trajectories in art, science and technology.

The Movement Lab is committed to being an open environment, welcoming anyone interested in the interaction between arts and technology. As we strive to reduce the barriers of entry to this space, we feel it is important to state our resolve for inclusion of all people regardless of ability, age, race or sexual orientation. We look to our community to help us build an explorative and more accessible environment.