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NSOP with Barnard Library & Academic Information Services (BLAIS)

Welcome, new students! This is a guide to activities and readings to introduce you to BLAIS.

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Erin Anthony
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Welcome to BLAIS -- Wish you were here!

BLAIS is comprised of the Archives, AV Services, Collection Services, Vagelos Computational Sciences Center, Design Studio, Digital Humanities Center, Empirical Reasoning Center, Instructional Media and Technology Services, Media Center, Movement Lab, Personal Librarian Program, and the Zine Library. BLAIS is physically located in the Milstein Teaching and Learning Center (MLC) and offers many virtual resources and experiences, too. BLAIS commits to work that is equitable and anti-oppressive, and encourages and supports work that centers voices, knowledge, and memory-making practices historically excluded from the cultural record.


Check out the slides from the NSOP event for an overview of all the BLAIS Centers and units!

Use this guide to explore the centers and units within BLAIS through interactive digital exhibits and activities, including the following: 

Map your future with the ERC

Complete a movement introduction with the Movement Lab

Explore Shange Magic and write a literary recipe

Read a zine from 1996

Download a Zoom background from the Archives